EVOLVE! Summit 2017

And – it’s here. We’ve got two EVOLVE! Summits behind us, and preparations for 2017 are in full swing. And we can already say for sure: it will be a blast. There will be a lot that’s new, more content, more speakers… in short, it’s time to take it up a notch! But before getting into everything that’s new, let’s take a look back at why EVOLVE! was founded and what its mission is.

EVOLVE! Summit was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing Central Europe recruitment ideas and experience that would normally only be available on the other side of the world, while also grounding them in the local reality to ensure they would be taken in context and could be be applied right away. In short, we wanted to found a world-class conference where the recruiting community would come together every year and join up to advance Czech recruitment.

Recruitment has been changing rapidly in recent years, and what worked yesterday may not work today. That’s why we call this conference EVOLVE! It’s critical for us as recruiters to keep evolving and improving our knowledge and skills. We need to have our recruiting finesse plugged in to the latest technologies.

Not a single one of us on the EVOLVE! Summit team arranges conferences for a living. We’re recruiters, just like you. We meet candidates every day, just like you. Every day we try to push our recruiting skills a little bit forward, just like you. And precisely this helps us to create the best content and connect it with the best speakers in the nation and the world. We’re extremely demanding when it comes to the practicality of our speakers’ presentations. We care deeply about ensuring you can truly implement every tip and trick right away.
In the first two years, over 500 recruiters, both freelance and in-house, attended the EVOLVE! Summit, and this conference earned a name for itself both regionally and worldwide. Fans from the USA, Great Britain, and more tell us that even when they can’t come, they’re watching the conference’s Twitter closely.

Even just two years in, we’ve already brought Brno such world-class names as Greg Savage, Scott Love, Shane McCusker, and Balazs Paroczay.
EVOLVE! Summit has built up a solid community of fans and supporters, and that’s a fine start. But just like we expect from visitors, we too want to evolve.
That’s why for 2017 we’ve prepared lots of interesting innovations to push the standard that one little bit further. So what awaits you?
Once again we’re looking forward to bringing EVOLVE! the biggest names of national and global recruitment. We’re already in touch with several of recruitment’s biggest names, so keep your fingers crossed! We’d also like to introduce recruiting personalities you may not yet know, with ideas and skills that we find exceptional. We know that solid, quality content is the foundation, so we’ll be polishing it this year like every year.
We also plan to newly hold a two-day conference. Our field is very broad, and we’d like to devote enough space and attention to all of its areas, in both sourcing and recruitment. Two days will give us room to deliver you even more interesting content, delve deeper into it, and make it more interactive. But attendees will be free to choose to come for both days, or just the day they’re interested in.

After one event at Brno’s Impact Hub and a second at Reduta, we’re confident we’ve finally found a space that will be big enough, comfortable enough, and fantastic for networking. For the year 2017, we’ve chosen Brno’s spacious SONO Centrum, and we’re confident it will be our home for good.



We’re aware that networking is a key part of the conference, and so we’ve purchased the Whova networking application for this year’s event. If you don’t already know and love Whova, after EVOLVE! 2017, you will. It lets every registered attendee see in advance who else will be attending, and then plan meetings with anyone whose profile sounds interesting.

We also hope to implement sli.do, an app to streamline speaker Q&A’s.
And of course we can’t forget food and entertainment, including the evening party. Here too we’re preparing lots of new experiences to enjoy together.
We’re working furiously right now to prepare the 2017 event and new web content too, and we expect to start ticket sales in May. But why wait? If you’d like to secure a spot at EVOLVE! right away, you can stop by www.evolvesummit.cz and pre-register.

EVOLVE! is all about you, so we’ll appreciate any tips you have on how to make it even better. You can send them here: info@evolvesummit.cz
We’re looking forward to you!

Michal Toman
and the whole organizing team