Proceeding with our mission: Hello, Poland!

EVOLVE! Summit has during last years won hearts of thousands of HR & Recruitment fans and practitioners around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This conference, organised by an executive search company Engage Advisory, gained high recognition around Europe for its “punk“ flavour and also for its ability to bring the greatest stars and the brightest minds of the HR & Recruitment industry from all around the world to Brno, Czech Republic.

Since its beginning in 2015 EVOLVE! Summit had a goal to approach HR professionals not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in Poland and Hungary because of similarity in HR evolution and its economics. The mission in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is very successful as every year almost 500 professionals from both countries gather in Brno and for two day Brno becomes the city with the highest concentration of HR & Recruitment talent in Europe.

During the last two years there was one special person from Poland who very much contributed to the great success of the event, Kasia Tang. Kasia was one of the moderators at the Innovation Stage in Brno and it was only last year when Kasia came with a very interesting idea to expand EVOLVE! Summit into Poland. All of us from the organisation team were so excited because during last years we have been thinking about how to make a step forward in our mission and welcome the Polish community in the EVOLVE! family. We did not want to enter the market without local experts who would be able to help choose the best content relevant to the region. We are more than excited that Kasia Tang and Karolina Latus joined the EVOLVE! Summit organisation team and will help organise the first ever EVOLVE! Summit in Poland.

“I’ve been meaning to create an international conference in Poland for a while now and seeing how well EVOLVE! Summit is put together, I was convinced right away this is the right format for the local market. EVOLVE! is a masterpiece: the diverse programme, different formats for presenting the content, informal atmosphere and a concert… all of this ensures lasting memories. Every attendee leaves with new connections and new knowledge. And on top of that, the organisational skills of the Czech crew are amazing! Join us to see for yourself.” said Kasia Tang.

EVOLVE! Summit started with the aim to upskill Recruiters, Sourcers, HR professionals and Employer Branding experts and enable them to walk away from the two-day conference with hands on skills and abilities to immediately boost their efficiency and upgrade the level of their position.

This goal is achieved on four stages being run simultaneously which not only allows all the communities attending the event to find relevant content but also to its diverse formats through which the content is being presented. You can listen to presentations from global industry stars like Bill Boorman, Jan Tegze or Jim Stroud or you can learn what works and what does not from case studies delivered by the market early adopters who are always ready to share their projects´ mistakes, costs and results and last but not least, during both days you have a chance to practice new tactics and methodologies at conference workshops. 

All this puts together over 35 presentations, case studies, discussion circles and workshops during two days presented by over 30 speakers from Poland and other countries from all around the world. EVOLVE! Summit is practical, no vendor sales promo, no theory bullshits. We do not sell speaking slots nor do we enable speakers´ to make self-promo without an actual value to the attendee. All the content is carefully tailored and practiced in advance to bring the most effect.

I think all of us know that a great conference is not only about great organisation and great content but mainly about fun. That is why all of us enjoy the informal atmosphere of EVOLVE! Summit so much. Where else would you have a chance to enjoy an evening party, dance or have a beer with someone you have been following on the internet for years listening to his/her podcasts or watching their videos?

I know this article may set very high expectations from the event and that is absolutely fine. We know what we are able to deliver and we all are already working hard to fulfill these expectations. Poland, here we come and we are all very much looking forward to meeting you in June at the very first EVOLVE! Summit in Wrocław. This is going to be a blast and we would love to see you there!
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