What to expect from EVOLVE! Summit 2018?

We are down to 146 days from the biggest recruiting event of the year – EVOLVE! Summit 2018. However, the organization team has been working hard for the past several months in order for the 2018 event to be better than ever.  

As resulting from the conference name itself, we are doing our best to push the boundaries even further each year and make the event an unforgettable experience for all our visitors.

The 2017 even was a great milestone as we have extended the program to two days, moved to the beautiful space of SONO Center and we have launched a parallel program on a second stage. Last but not least, we saw an impressive number of visitors – 417!

EVOLVE! Summit has build a strong name for itself in CZ and SK and we are pleased to hear that the conference is being discussed abroad and a lot of recruiters from other countries are aware of EVOLVE!.  

You might be asking yourself, what is it we are bringing to the table this year so the 2018 event surpasses the previous one. Beware, it is a lot. We all have something to look forward to!  

–         A lot of new content. The program will take place across three stages during both days so we have a lot of room to accommodate the content from all areas of recruitment.  

–          We have something for everyone. Regardless of you being a sourcer, recruiter, HR Manager or you are active in the areas of Employer Branding or Recruitment Marketing, be assured we have something for you.

–         Speakers from all over the world. CZ, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Netherlands and other countries are having their speakers across the stages.

–      We have several Czech case studies of companies. You will have a unique opportunity to look under the hood and see how they executed their projects and most importantly, what were the results.

–         New trends in other markets, that can be expected in the CEE soon. We would like to focus newly on programmatic recruitment, recruitment scalability, future-fit recruitment or just simply show you, how to create your own chatbot.

We are gradually revealing our speakers and finetune our program to make it all a great fit. We are pleased to see the growing interest in the conference. Nevertheless, we sold the first 50 tickets within only 32 hours. You should not wait too long to purchase your tickets as we have decided to max the visitor count to 450 to make sure they are all comfortable in the SONO Center space.